Table Tipping with Tori

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Table tipping is a form of mediumship, known as physical mediumship, because a physical phenomenon is produced!  In this hands-on form of spirit communication, spirits of the highest vibration (Angels, guides, and loved ones, including pets) will tip, tap, and spell out personal messages of love and healing using the table.  Your angels and guides are always there to support and guide you.  It is also common to hear from not only your loved ones, Angels, and guides, but Ascended Masters (Jesus, Buddha, Quan Yin, and Merlin etc.), may also appear on the table to guide you and bring uplifting, healing, and important messages. Loved ones in spirit will communicate with their friends and family members through the table by tapping; with Tori's assistance.  

Table tipping; or "table tilting" was made popular in the Victorian Age throughout Europe and the U.S. as a form of physical mediumship.  Recently Table Tipping has experienced a resurgence to bring it back as a legitimate form of physical mediumship.   

Everyone takes a seat at a round, three-legged pedestal table. After a short meditation and protection prayer, spirit is invited to come through the Table. Spirit causes it to move up and down, or tip, and will answer questions and spell out messages. An amazing and unforgettable experience!  

Seating is limited to 8, so do not hesitate to call to reserve your seat.


Folk Magick Workshop with Priestess Dina

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 Dina comes from a family of Italian folk magick practitioners and was ordained by Salem's own Strega Nona, Lori Bruno. Dina is deeply schooled in the traditions of Strega, New Orleans Hoodoo, Celtic Wicca, Gypsy Magick, and good old fashioned Kitchen Witchery. These traditions have many things in common, most of all that this magick is done by the "common folk" with whatever tools are on hand. Each tradition has its own flavor, and you will learn spells and recipes from many different cultures and time periods on subjects like love, luck, prosperity, protection, and personal power. Make and take home your own Mojo Bag as part of this experience. Don't miss this fun and informative class!

Cost is $25, plus cost of materials for the Mojo Bag. Call Deb at the shop to reserve your spot today! 


Intro to Crystal Gridding

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 Please join Tori McNally (Reiki Master, Tarot Reader, Medium, Table Tipper, Certified Hypnotherapist, Ordained Minister, and Ghost Guide/Lecturer with Newport Ghost Tours, Newport, RI and Red Tent facilitator with Red Tent Caravan)  for an Intensive class about how to use crystals for manifesting through gridding to manifest what you want.   

Participants will learn about grids and will make their own crystal manifest grid.  They will also learn to set their intentions and will learning a more in depth approach on how to work with crystals in the home, at the office and throughout the day.    

Pre-registration is required.   

Read on for the class outline.   


Putting your crystals to work for you around your Home and office

Setting up grids 

 Other crystal uses 

Explanation of Crystal grids and mandalas 

Crystal Grid Exercise: Personalize Your Crystal grid  

Crystal Grid Meditation 


Psychic Readings with Starra

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 Internationally known psychic Starra offers you over forty years of experience. Her working background includes psychic reading for Regina Russell’s tea room, the House of Zodiac, the Mystic Tree of Life, Lady Dianne’s, entertaining for the Odyssey yacht line, and colleges throughout Massachusetts. She has read at many psychic fairs such as Ramona’s and Mystic Horizons, and at hotels and restaurants in Mexico and the Caribbean. Several radio and cable television shows have covered her special abilities. 


Readings/Reiki with Kim

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 Kim is a Certified Angel Healing Practitioner/Messenger, Medium and Usui Reiki Master/Teacher. She received her Reiki training from Northeastern University and New England Baptist Hospital in Boston. She is also an intuitive who is certified as an angel healing practitioner/messenger and a medium. She has studied with renowned psychics and mediums from the United States, England, and Australia. Kim also has a BA in English and education.  Kim’s goal in this work is to bring peace, love, an awareness of the reality of the other side and closure for those who need it. She is a compassionate woman with a real desire to help people on whatever journey they are on. 


Glamour Magick with Goddess Oceana

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 Glamour Magick: Seducing the Universe with Your Desires Dressed Up

An introduction to Glamour Magick, Goddess Oceana gives the sparkling basics for how to glamorize your life for desired outcomes in all areas.
What is Glamour Magick?
How can I benefit by utilizing Glamour?
Do I have to be stereo-typically “beautiful” to wield this kind of magic?
Learn what courtesans of ancient Venice knew that had them living like queens in a time when women were treated as property. Find out where glamour intersects with metaphysics, and the little known move someone needs to make to actualize this wisdom.
Join us for a fun two hour class that will enlighten and delight you.
Goddess Oceana is a Women’s Sensual Empowerment Coach, Tantric Yogini, Priestess, Author, Shamanic Energy Healer, and creator of Goddess Reiki, with over forty years of training and experience in an array of esoteric paradigms. A former model and beauty expert, she blends these skills with magick for a deliciously fun yet practical approach. 


Mme. Dina LeDuke

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Mme. Dina LeDuke is a very accurate and intuitive Psychic, skilled with both Tarot cards and Spirit energies. She comes from a family background of folk magic and psychic ability, knowing from childhood that she had special gifts. She grew up in Salem, MA and has extensively studied the Magickal arts of Celtic Wicca, Italian Strega, New Orleans Hoodoo, Spiritualism, Reiki, and other esoteric practices. Dina is also an ordained Minister; you may call on her for weddings and home blessings, as well as ghost investigations, séances, and teaching classes in Magickal subjects. She helps all who are sincerely in need of spiritual guidance. Areas covered in her readings include love. luck, family, health, finances, career, and future goals. 


Akashic Records 101

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The Akashic Records contain a vibrational record of every soul and its journey through time and space. Being in the unconditional love of the Akasha helps us to heal at the deepest level, the level of our soul. We can move forward and see lasting change in all areas of our life: Such as recurring patterns, past lives, ancestral patterns, karma, future probabilities, healing, relationships, money, work, creative expression, life's purpose, emotional well-being, our pets, and more!

The class will cover:

-What the Akashic Records are

-An explanation of the sacred prayer process

-How to access your own Records

-Who you may meet in your Records

-Everyone will be guided into their own records as a group using  the Light of the Akasha Prayer. 

-How the Records can be a supportive practice in every area of your  life.

A journal is welcomed.

Sabrina Dawn will lead the class. She was certified in Linda Howe’s Pathway Prayer Process method of accessing the Akashic Records by Patty Collinsworth. She has been an intuitive reader for over 10 years.  


Intention Setting with Mala Beads and Essential Oils

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In this workshop, Amanda will teach you the benefits of using a Mala to live a more mindful life, enhance your meditative practices and promote cleansing of the chakra system. 

You will create your own Mala using natures gifts (wooden and crystal beads). A diffuser bead will also be added to your Mala allowing you to bring the healing abilities of essential oils into your practice. 

Learn how to set intentions and blessings on your mala beads and select crystals that resonate with you.

Relax to the peaceful sounds of meditative music and enjoy the scent of nag champa as you open your creative minds. 

When the Malas are complete we will perform a clearing of sage and set our own intentions to our new Mala. 


Intuitive Healing Sessions

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With the use of Reiki and intuition, I am able to tap into an individuals energy field  and chakra system. As an Empathic, I am able to connect with my clients on an even deeper and emotional level. 

Blocks in our energy field are typically caused by our fear to move forward. Our bodies speak to us in ways we don’t always recognize. When we we have the ability to recognize what our bodies are telling us, we can only then start to move forward towards a more positive life. In these sessions, I will help bring recognition to energy blocks and the areas of your life that may need loving attention. I will help guide you and give you the tools needed to get to help you live a happy and fulfilling life. 

Initial sessions are 60-90 minutes in length. Initial sessions are very involved and can sometimes be very emotional. Because of this, I recommend you bring a notebook with you to take notes during our session. 


Akashic Records Monthly Group

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 This group is designed for those who have completed the Akashic Records 101 class or are familiar with the sacred prayer process.
The goal of the group is to help us build and understand our personal Akashic Records practice through a supportive community.
In each meeting, we will be going into our own individual Records as a group. The communal energy helps build a supportive field that can make our experience in our Records stronger, rich, and profound.
The group will be led by Sabrina Dawn, who also teaches the Akashic Records 101 class. Sabrina was trained in the Akashic Records by Patty Collinsworth and is adept at accessing the Records and the bountiful information they store for each of us.

Please bring a journal or paper and pen.

** If you're interested in taking an Akashic Records 101 class please check A Touch of Magick's event page. If there isn't one scheduled  please contact A Touch of Magick or Sabrina Dawn to find out options.