Meet our Readers, Psychics, Healers, and Teachers



 Kim is a Certified Angel Healing Practitioner/Messenger, Medium and Usui Reiki Master/Teacher. She received her Reiki training from Northeastern University and New England Baptist Hospital in Boston. She is also an intuitive who is certified as an angel healing practitioner/messenger and a medium. She has studied with renowned psychics and mediums from the United States, England, and Australia. Kim also has a BA in English and education.  Kim’s goal in this work is to bring peace, love, an awareness of the reality of the other side and closure for those who need it. She is a compassionate woman with a real desire to help people on whatever journey they are on. 


Mme. Dina LeDuke

 Mme. Dina LeDuke is a very accurate and intuitive Psychic, skilled with both Tarot cards and Spirit energies. She comes from a family background of folk magic and psychic ability, knowing from childhood that she had special gifts. She grew up in Salem, MA and has extensively studied the Magickal arts of Celtic Wicca, Italian Strega, New Orleans Hoodoo, Spiritualism, Reiki, and other esoteric practices. Dina is also an ordained Minister; you may call on her for weddings and home blessings, as well as ghost investigations, séances, and teaching classes in Magickal subjects. She helps all who are sincerely in need of spiritual guidance. Areas covered in her readings include love. luck, family, health, finances, career, and future goals.  


Tori McNally

 Tori McNally, Reiki Master, Tarot Reader, Medium, Table Tipper, Certified Hypnotherapist, Ordained Minister, and Ghost Guide/Lecturer with Newport Ghost Tours, Newport, RI and Red Tent facilitator with Red Tent Caravan.


Valerie WildOwl

 Valerie Wild Owl is a Registered Nurse, Massachusetts Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Hypnotherapist, Reflexologist, Reiki Master/Practitioner, Tarot and Oracle card Reader, Palm Reader, Animal Communicator, and Psychic Medium. She has, since 1989, been honing and expanding her intuitive skills through practice and taking classes with well-known, established practitioners. 


Lady Brighid

 Lady Brighid started her magickal journey with the tarot more than twenty years ago and believes that everything has a spirit, a connection to the veiled worlds and this includes her tarot cards. Over the last decades, she has cemented this bond and has read for many people from many walks of life. But no matter the person, her intention for each reading remains the same. Lady Brighid hopes the insights that arise help each person understand their own journey and where they fit into the Universe.  


Marcia Robinson

Marcia is a professional Psychic Medium and Tarot Reader with over 20 years of experience.  She has abilities that allow her to help others on their path to self discovery, happiness, and love;  and she is ready and willing to help you.  Together you will journey into your past, current and future, to find the answers you are seeking.  


Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer has an Herbal Teaching Garden in NW RI.  For several years she has held herbal classes there and other Southern New England locations.  In her herbal garden she grows both Medicinal and Magical Herbs.  Living a seasonal life in the Autumn she gives workshops helping people craft their own brooms. After mentoring under Tracy of One Path Labyrinth Ventures Jennifer became a Veriditas Trained Labyrinth Facilitator with Reverend Dr. Lauren Artress.

Jennifer, a previous self-described Failed Meditator discovered the Labyrinth at her first New England Women’s Herbal Conference.  There she found the benefits of a Walking Meditation. Now it’s her mission to bring the Labyrinths to as many people as she can. 


Leslie Cape

  Hello friends. I'm Leslie. A Touch of Magick is very special to me. I first started on my magickal path as a teen growing up right here in Uxbridge. First studying traditional Wicca as a solitary practitioner, then pursuing formal study in various traditions of Wicca and Witchcraft. I began teaching my own classes in 2017. My magickal interests include the arts and practices of astrology, tarot & oracle cards, Hoodoo & folk magick, spellcrafts, kitchen witchery, mythology, folklore & storytelling and many more. Currently, I organize the shop's monthly Full Moon group. As well as offering various classes and workshops. I'm so blessed to be involved with A Touch of Magick and to have the opportunity to share my magick in my hometown of Uxbridge!


Cathy Lynn

Cathy Lynn has been reading and working with energy for almost a decade. During the reading, she will tap into your energy and the universal energy that surrounds you to provide a reading. Oracle cards are used to establish the framework for the reading in relation to the questions you are asking. Cathy Lynn’s intent is to share an energy exchange with each client and provide the information that is needed most now.