Classes and Readings

Readings, Classes, and Workshops

All classes/workshops must be pre-registered for by calling us at 508-779-7386 or registering in store.  Payment is needed prior to the date of the class.

Call us to schedule your Psychic Reading or Reiki session.

Psychic Reading Saturdays


 Every Saturday we offer Psychic Readings:  Tarot readings, Mediumship, Angel readings, and more.  Appointments preferred, walk-ins taken if time allows.  Call to reserve yours.  508-779-7386
30 minutes $50           60 minutes $90
(if mediumship is requested please let us know at the time of booking).

2019 Dates: 3/30, 4/6, 4/20, 5/4, 5/11, 5/18, 5/25, 6/15, 6/22, & 6/29 


Closed Dates for Vacation


 We will be closed on Friday April 12th just for the day.

Then we will be closed for vacation from Friday June 28th, through July 9th, 2019.  

Re-opening on Wednesday July 10th.  

Meet Your Guardian Angels June 6, 2019


Come meet and get to know your Guardian Angels! Doing so enriches our daily lives as well as our spiritual growth. We will discuss:

~ How they guide us and the many ways we can hear them. ~ Physical signs they use to let us know they're in our life and assisting us. ~ The difference between Archangels, Angels and Guardian Angels ~ How they assist us all throughout our life(including before birth  and after our transition to the afterlife.  ~ What part of our lives and spiritual development they help us most with. ~ What crystals and essential oils are recommended to help put  us in a space to be able to connect to them easier. ~ Everyone will receive a rose quartz crystal, that each participant will personally charge, to help you connect to your  Guardian Angels in your personal practice.  ~At the end of the group, Sabrina will walk you through a guided  meditation that will help you connect directly to your own personal  Guardian Angels.



Please call A Touch of Magick to register: 508-779-7386 If you'd like to know more about Sabrina -

Monthly Psychic Development Workshop with Kim: June 13, 2019



Psychic Development Workshop with Kim Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Intuitive, and Certified Angel Healing Practitioner/Messenger

Join us for an enlightening and informative workshop to help develop your psychic ability. This class will help give you the confidence and tools to connect to spirit in a variety of ways. You will learn to strengthen your psychic muscles in order to trust your intuition in your everyday life. We will learn about the clairs (ways to get psychic information), medium-ship and psychometry.  $30.00 per person, paid in advance.  Call to register 508-779-7386 Things to bring: -A piece of jewelry or memento of a person (friend or relative) that has passed.  -A pen or pencil -Notebook or journal 


Celebrating the Divine Feminine by Honoring the Goddesses Within June 13, 2019


 We begin with a study of Goddess Archetypes. We will identify and embrace the Divine Feminine reflected back through this study. The path to wholeness lies in embracing these facets of ourselves and shining them out to the world.

Instructor:  Gerri Davenport of "The Enchanted Trail"
Cost  $35 pp

You must call to register for this class, prior to the day of.  508-779-7386


Intro to Dowsing with Tori June 15, 2019


 Please join Tori McNally from Avalon Enchanted as we explore the art dowsing.  Each participant will make their own dowsing rods and a pendulum as we learn the different uses of them and how to work with them.  All supplies are included.
Cost: $40.00
Please contact A Touch of Magic at 508-779-7386 to reserve your seat today.  Seating is limited to reserve your seat today.  

June Full Moon Ritual June 18, 2019


 Before the high heat of Summer arrives, there is a brief period of time to enjoy the softness of the season. Tune into the rhythms of the natural world and take pleasure in your connection with it. Go outside and let the energy of the evening make you feel fully alive and aware. Enjoy the magick of the gentle moonlight on soft Summer nights.  

Full Moon rituals are fun and laid back. No experience necessary. Participation is encouraged, but not required. This event is open to anyone interested in ritual or seeking community. 18+, or children 12+ with parent or guardian. $10-15 suggested donation. A portion of the donations will be benefiting the Blackstone Regional Animal Shelter. 

Magick of the Zodiac with Leslie June 20, 2019


  Use the signs of the zodiac to enhance your magick! In this workshop we will explore the unique qualities of each sign and how they can affect your spells & rituals.   Workshop led by Leslie Cape.

$25 (all supplies included)
Please call to register: sign up with a friend and get a FREE gift! 


Akashic Records Monthly Group - June 20, 2019


This group is designed for those who have completed the Akashic Records 101 class or are familiar with the sacred prayer process.

The goal of the group is to help us build and understand our personal Akashic Records practice through a supportive community. 

In each meeting, we will be going into our own individual Records as a group. The communal energy helps build a supportive field that can make our experience in our Records stronger, rich, and profound. 

The group will be led by Sabrina Dawn, who also teaches the Akashic Records 101 class. Sabrina was trained in the Akashic Records by Patty Collinsworth and is adept at accessing the Records and the bountiful information they store for each of us. Please bring a journal or paper and pen.

Please call A Touch of Magick to register:  (508) 779 - 7386

Cost: $25  


** If you're interested in taking an Akashic Records 101 class please check A Touch of Magick's event page. If there isn't one scheduled  please contact A Touch of Magick or Sabrina Dawn to find out options. 

Magickal Bellydance: June 22, 2019


 Guess what, ladies? Psychic Priestess Mme Dina LeDuke is also a Bellydancer, and this year she is bringing you her first Magickal Bellydance workshop!

Get in touch with your inner Goddess by learning the basics of this sensual, ancient art form. Bellydance originated in the temple dances and folk dances of the Middle East and Asia thousands of years ago, and remains a wonderful way to invoke the Divine Feminine. You will learn earthy, powerful, joyous movements that become your own personal ritual of transformation. Shimmy your way into manifesting the natural energies around you and within you... and have fun while doing it! 

This class is beginner level and open to all, no previous experience is necessary. Wear comfortable workout clothes and tie a scarf around your hips to accent their movements.
$20 per person
Please register with Deb in advance to guarantee your spot! 

Masters Reiki - June 23, 2019


Reiki Master training & certification.  Must have completed Reiki I and II  prior to taking Masters Reiki. You must pre-register for this class and pay in advance. $175.00 


Quit Smoking June 22, 2019


Trying to quit smoking? Hypnosis can help. Come join Kim for a group hypnosis session. Kim is a certified hypnotherapist from New England Baptist Hospital. Let her give you the jump start you need. Stop giving yourself to the cigarette companies and give yourself the opportunity to achieve better health instead.
$75 Per participant, paid in advance, or $80 at the door.
call to register 508-779-7386 


Paint Night - Fairy: June 27, 2019


 Join us!  details to come

Table Tipping with Tori June 27, 2019


 Please join Tori McNally (Reiki Master, Tarot Reader, Medium Table Tipper, Certified Hypnotherapist, Ordained Minister, and Ghost Guide/Lecturer with Newport Ghost Tours, Newport, RI and Red Tent facilitator with Red Tent Caravan)  for -  a Table Tipping Séance   

Seating is limited to 8, so do not hesitate to call to reserve your seat. $40 per participant.  508-779-7386 


Find out more

Paranormal Investigation II-Tools of the Trade: July 11, 2019


 Open to anyone that has already taken Paranormal Investigating 1.  In this class we will learn how to operate the actual tools used during an investigation.  You are encouraged to bring your own recording device (a cell phone is fine) a notebook & pen.
$40.00 per person, paid in advance. 


Angel Readings with Sabrina Dawn: July 13, 2019



In an Angel Reading, Sabrina will connect to the Angels and Archangels to give you messages of healing, unconditional love, and compassion.  Before each session, she will set an intention that only what is in your highest and best good come through.  With that intention set, often one's Deceased Loved Ones, Spirit Guides, Goddesses, Ascended Masters, and power animals may come through.  They all come together to meet you where you are right now and answer any questions you may have.  

To learn more about Sabrina: 

30 minutes session:  $50 

60 minutes session:  $90 


Call to reserve 508-779-7386  

** If you're interested in receiving an Akashic Records Reading or combined reading please let A Touch of Magic know when you book your reading. Thank you

July Full Moon Ritual - July 16, 2019


 July is the month of ripening. In orchards, fields and gardens, nature moves toward the miracle of harvest. In the high heat of July, the Goddess fulfills her promise and oversees maturing 

crops. We are blessed with richness under the light of the Full Buck Moon.

Full Moon rituals are fun and laid back. Participation is encouraged, but not required. No experience necessary. This event is open to anyone interested in ritual or seeking community. 18+, or children 12+ with parent or guardian. $10-15 donation suggested. A portion of donations will be benefiting the Blackstone Regional Animal Shelter. 


Akashic Records 101: July 25, 2019


 The Akashic Records contain a vibrational record
of every soul and its journey through time and space. Being in the unconditional love of the Akasha helps us to heal at the deepest level, the level of our soul. We can move forward and see lasting change in all areas of our life: Such as recurring patterns, past lives, ancestral patterns, karma, future probabilities, healing, relationships, money, work, creative expression, life's purpose, emotional well-being, our pets, and more!

The class will cover:

-What the Akashic Records are
-An explanation of the sacred prayer process
-How to access your own Records
-Who you may meet in your Records
-Everyone will be guided into their own records as a group using  the Light of the Akasha Prayer.
-How the Records can be a supportive practice in every area of your life.

$40, Please call A Touch of Magick to register.

A journal is welcomed.

Sabrina Dawn will lead the class. 


Paranormal Author Event July 18, 2019


 FREE! Three amazing authors. Two engaging hours. And one event which brings together your interests in Wiccan practices, perceptions of witchcraft, the Salem Witch Trials, and much, much more.

Come spend time with Sheryl, S.M., and Lisa to discover the roots of the hysteria which created the Salem Witch Trials. Lisa's ancestor Ann Foster perished in jail during the trials, after pleading guilty in order to protect her daughter and granddaughter. Learn more about how those accused of witchcraft and astrology were persecuted down through the centuries.

Plenty of time for Q&A about paranormal topics as well as writing, publishing, and reaching your goals!

It all takes place at A Touch of Magick, an amazing shop and workspace located in Uxbridge, Massachusetts. Come on out! 


August Full Moon Ritual - August 15, 2019


 Lazy days are offset by dazzling thunderstorms that tear the night sky asunder. Summer is winding down, and yet Autumn seems a distant horizon. This is the time to enjoy the warmth, the freedom of days gone by, and the night chorus of crickets as you recall pleasant Summer Memories under August's Full Sturgeon Moon.

Full Moon rituals are fun and laid back. Participation is encouraged, but not required. No experience necessary. This event is open to anyone interested in ritual or seeking community. 18+, or children 12+ with parent or guardian. $10-15 suggested donation. A portion of the donations will be benefiting the Blackstone Regional Animal Shelter.  


Merlin the Master Teacher - August 24, 2019


 Join Tori McNally from Avalon Enchanted At

A Touch of Magick
Saturday August 24th from 12-2pm

We will explore the myths of Merlin The Magician and learn how to tap into his energies as the great Master Teacher so you can call upon him to assist you along your path and how he fits into your magical world.
We will be touch upon Merlin’s connection to King Arthur, Merlin as a Celtic Shaman and his role as an Ascended Master.  Through guided meditation you will have the opportunity to meet the Master Teacher himself and learn how to call  upon him to help guide you.

Cost: $40.00

Call A Touch of Magick (508) 779-7386 to reserve your spot today - space is limited.  

Masquerade Ball "Creatures of the Night" - Oct 12, 2019



 Our Annual Ball will be at the VFW hall in Uxbidge this year.  The theme is "Creatures of the Night" , but feel free to be creative, formal dress or a costume is required.  Dancing to the tunes of DJ Haze, special performances, and Roasted Bones will be back serving up a delicious buffet dinner!   Wicked Depiction will also be back for more fabulous fantasy photos as you enter.  
Tickets go on sale September 1st 2019, and will be available at the shop as well as on our website.  

This is an 18+ event:  ID may be required at the door.